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Hello! I’m Jeremy Bridgman, and I want to be THE voice for YOUR project!

Born, raised, and currently residing in Bakersfield, California, I’ve worked in the field of Information Technology since 2001 and am currently employed as an IT Consultant for a local Professional IT Services firm. However, I’ve been a music and recording enthusiast for much longer. As a percussionist and vocalist (and former trumpet player), I’ve had a passion for making music and working in the studio whenever the chance has arisen. From early childhood on, the playing of music and singing have been major components of who I am, and the recording of music and vocals naturally followed as an important creative outlet. Spending time in the studio recording original music with my father, and later on with one of my early bands, allowed me to develop a love for laying down great audio tracks with the purpose of emotionally impacting the listener. As later bands followed, I was given the opportunity to experiment with home-based recording equipment and techniques; this, and the fact that I was periodically receiving comments from friends and strangers alike on the “radio announcer” quality of my voice, is what eventually led me down the path to become a home-based vocal recording and voice over artist.

I’ve been happily married to Talia since 2003, and we have four beautiful, crazy, talented kids. I’m a fan of many different kinds of music, books, PC games, and interesting places to travel (Santa Barbara, CA being one of my favorites). I still enjoy drumming whenever the opportunity presents itself, as well as recording music and vocals with my friends.

But in the end, it’s all about YOU and YOUR project. Hopefully we’ll be able to make a personal connection so that I can be as passionate about your project as you are, and I’m hoping to help make it stand out with my voice over and voice recording services!