I will try to keep my pricing simple and consistent; however, due to all the different variables involved with different types of projects (i.e., business advertising versus script narration, etc.), I will send you a quote for services rendered before we even begin a project. Because business advertising for broadcast (such as radio play) is a whole different animal, please use the following as a rough guide for pricing on narration only (YouTube videos, website verbiage, literature recording, etc.):

NARRATION (Non-Broadcast):

Voice over narration includes YouTube videos, website verbiage, literature recording, special events announcements, voicemail/on-hold recordings, etc. I typically read at around 160 words per minute. You can take the number of words you need recorded and divide that by 160 to approximate how many total minutes your recording will be.

  • 0 – 5 minutes (5 minutes is minimum charge): $250.00

After the first 5 minutes, then:

  • $25 per minute, up to 60 minutes
  • $20 per minute, 60 minutes and over

What you will receive with the minimum 5-minute charge is the following:

  1. Ownership (buy-out) of the audio.
  2. My studio time to record, edit, and master the audio.
  3. Minor edits/revisions (within reason) of the audio, from the date of delivery of the audio file up to 30 days after delivery. “Minor revisions” means up to 1 minute of changes or corrections.
  4. Delivery of audio in .WAV (uncompressed) or .MP3 (compressed) format through website interface (upcoming), email, or Dropbox, depending on your preferred method.